Project Pond seeks to provide intervention for teens and young adults with neurodevelopmental issues in the areas of their academic life, socialization, life direction and often times, the spiritual aspect as well. 

We tend to do things beyond convention while maintaining sound judgment that is always based on clinical evidence that has been done and proven by various studies around the world. 



To unleash the God-given best among our students and help them and their families overcome impairments related to neurodevelopmental issues

To see a world more accepting and empathic towards those diagnosed of various neurodevelopmental conditions, while utilizing their capabilities, enabling them to contribute and seeing themselves in the best that God had made them to be.


Symptoms of neurodevelopmental difficulties include issues of inattention, impulse control, hyperactivity, depression, impairing mood swings, social skills deficits, executive functioning deficits, addictions of various kinds, and work ethic issues.

Open Communication  - Communication between professionals, support groups, activities and such are done in a safe environment where people will not be judged and can feel safe within Project Pond. 


Victory in Christ - We recognize the inalienable role of God, through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that enables us to do His work in Project Pond


Empathy - A key aspect that we put a premium on is empathy, and professionals are selected as well based on their ability to put oneself in the shoes of our participants.


Renewal - We refrain from burning out professionals and "over-therapy" of participants. We also dissipate activities and responsibilities of professionals across their different areas of strengths. 


Creativity - New programs, methodologies and ways to address issues will constantly be formulated given that it is within safety limits and evidence-based.


Outreach - This value is two-fold: First, to come up with media-related (e.g. blog, videos) material that will enable us to communicate and reach a wider demographic and Second, to give back to society the best we can with the blessings we receive. 


Modification - All programs are always subject to modification via taking into context the individual profiles of the participants with each implementation.


Evaluation - There will be objective feedback, reporting and such and data will be displayed and used to further improve other activities in the future.