Life coaching is an approach that is helpful for the improvement of many people with neurodevelopmental difficulties. Experts and studies have repeatedly shown that one of the biggest predictors of high quality of life among these individuals is the presence of a mentor. 

Coach John Meria, the director of Project Pond has been an independent, full-time, practicing life coach since 2011. He has handled exclusively teens and adults with neurodevelopmental conditions during this time.


As of the moment, we offer two types of packages for coaching depending on the profile of the client: 

For Teens & Young Adults in High School to College (Requiring Executive Skills Intervention)

P1200 per 45 minute  to 1 hour session and additional P200 for 10-15 minute coaching calls (if needed): which incorporates study skills training, coping mechanisms, and then accountability and goal setting. Often times, we also call this "study coaching" since the majority of their lives will revolve around school. This also includes coping socially during this very important life stage. 


For Adults with ADHD (Otherwise known as ADHD Coaching)

For at least the first month, P1500 per week which is inclusive of a 45 minute to 1 hour session including general consultation, coping mechanisms and goal-setting and then 2-3 coaching calls throughout the week for accountability. This has to be paid one month in advance - thus a P6000 advanced payment. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Before availing of either one, we need to do a 10-15 minute consultation first (this is free) to make sure that 1.) ADHD coaching is right for the client at this time and 2.) Prospective client is a good match with me, specifically. What #2 means is that there may be times that the background, goals and the like would be very unfamiliar to me and it would be detrimental to the efficacy of the coaching. In such a case, I'll do my best to make a referral to someone within my network who may be a better fit for you.



Some additional information, again in the interest of full disclosure:


- Yes I do have ADHD myself, so does my wife and a younger brother. 


- As far as I know, I'm the only person in the country who has been doing only this type of coaching for the past 10 years focusing on just my set demographic of individuals with neurodevelopmental conditions, specifically executive functioning which is the core of ADHD intervention.


- Trained under a clinical psychologist for several years in a school setting

- Finishing Certified ADHD Life Coaching (CALC) and ICF (International Coaching Federation) Accreditation


- Took over 40 units in MA in Special Ed program in UP with an average of 1.3


- Served in the ADHD Society of the Philippines as a board member for two full terms 


- Work and coordinate regularly regarding my clients with many of the top psychiatrists and developmental doctors in the Philippines

Learn more about how to look for a life coach fit for you or your child on this link