"I think the two best words I can use to describe what changed most about me through these sessions are 1. Mindset 2. Self-awareness. Those two things changed the most because I really was in a mindset of defining success by my own narrow parameters and that changed with Coach John. I really learned a lot about myself. Especially my good and bad study habits. I think I really improved a lot, academically through study coaching. I get distracted easily, I was not used to accountability, and those points really improved after coaching. Lastly I'd just like to commend that Sir John really does a good job at validating your point of view and experience. That quality of his really made it easy to talk to him."

- 29, Male, Doctor

"John is the first ADHD life coach I spoke to and it was a positive experience. Initially I thought it may not be as be helpful, and I was just completing the package I paid for. When I realized that there was a need to adjust the pacing of the sessions, Coach John allowed me to have it. Part of the feeling of safety I experienced was because he had a good working knowledge of ADHD, and his being a Christian as well and his understanding of the framework I was operating under, and I knew I wouldn't be misunderstood/ misinterpreted or judged in the wrong light which would otherwise have been a contributor to more stress. His coaching also helped me to understand my own limits and pacing better. His questions were well targeted and helped frame how to think about things I hadn't considered before due to my lack of focus. He also had adjuvant resources which were interesting/helpful. The follow up features of the package was also very helpful and even accommodated my difficulty with making appointments. His observations of where I was at and my progress were helpful in kind of monitoring and setting milestones."

- 45, Female, Fascia and Posture practitioner

"Coaching helped me stick to the healthier habits that I wanted to form, which is why I got the program in the first place. For someone like myself it's important to have an accountability structure. I also went through a stressful period during this program where the family was sick and i had a lot of work and the program helped me navigate through it such that I was able to perform at work despite the challenges. What I value even more is how John supported my family in introducing us to a Reading Specialist for my twin boys with ADHD and dyslexia. His knowledge in the area of supporting families with ADHD has been extremely helpful."

- 38, Female, Corporate Executive


"Coaching has helped me to be aware of my strengths and weaknesses, and addressing them one-by-one. It helped me align my goals to where I want to be. Coach John created a safe space for me to release my thoughts and concerns and he summarizes them very well in order for us to prioritize and discuss each concern or problem. He is very honest and very easy to talk to. I always come in the session with a lot of questions and we would eventually arrive with the answers because of his intentional questions. I appreciate that he mentions the sources from where he is trying explain concepts and principles. I always leave the session with the sense of accomplishment thus looking forward to achieving the goals that was discussed.

- 27, Male, Medical Technologist


"I realized how my brain actually worked based on scientific studies, and realized the ways I was trying to manage myself and achieve my goals were not fit for me. John helped me realize these essential parts of myself and my condition with practical steps to work with my brain to achieve my goals."

- 26, Male, Business Owner


"John's coaching program helped clarify what I needed to do, and help me walk through the steps needed to get there"

-36, Male, Content Creator


Life coaching is a unique approach that has helped people overcome and move forward and this includes those with neurodevelopmental difficulties. While people with ADHD, Level 1 Autism and the like are impaired by their conditions, they are just as likely, if not more so endowed with unique strengths. Life coaching helps bring this out as clients are considered creative, resourceful and whole.


Coach John Meria has been handling exclusively teens and adults with neurodevelopmental conditions since 2011 in various capacities including advocate, special education teacher, study coach and life coach. 

After graduating from Ateneo de Manila University (by the skin of his teeth), he stumbled into life coaching as a powerful tool while taking up taking his graduate studies in Special Education at the University of the Philippines for the sake of his younger brother with both Level 1 Autism and ADHD. Since then, he's mentored under a clinical psychologist and became a trusted intervention provider by many of the top psychiatrists and developmental doctors in the Philippines. He's since helped hundreds of clients from diverse backgrounds including corporate leadership, licensed professionals, high school, college and graduate students overcome their neurodevelopmental difficulties.


As an advocate, he was elected thrice into the board of trustees of the ADHD Society of the Philippines. In 2012, he established the Philippines' first Adult ADHD Support which is going strong until today. In 2014, when he was the Vice-President of the organization, the ADHD Society of the Philippines won the Apolinario Mabini Award for PWD Group of the Year. In 2022 he became the chairperson for the event Metamorphosis: Succeeding with Adult ADHD which was the first conference in the country focused solely on adults with ADHD. 


He is currently finishing the Certified ADHD Life Coaching (CALC) and consequently the ICF (International Coaching Federation) associate coach accreditation from the International ADHD Coach Training Center in the US.


His mission is to spread awareness of neurodevelopmental conditions for adults and the coaching practice to the world - especially in his home country of the Philippines. He is married to his wife Julz, who also has ADHD with two wonderful daughters Jordyn and Jaycie. 


Before availing of a session, we need to do a FREE 10-15 minute consultation first to make sure that 1.) ADHD life coaching is right for the client at this time and 2.) Prospective client is a good match with Coach John. In the case that you may need someone else / a different service first, Coach John will do his best to make a referral to someone who may be a better fit for you.

Individual Sessions

For those who want to book on a per-session basis, each 45 minute to 1 hour session is 75USD (Paid via PayPal). For Philippine Based Clients, this amount is 2500PHP (20% PWD discount applies to card holders). Clients also typically also book this session as an extension of the preliminary session should they feel the need to know more about ADHD life coaching and Coach John prior to making a commitment.


1-2 Month Package

Clients may avail of more cost-effective 4 session packages. Each session is also 45 minutes to 1 hour with built-in follow-up chats / short 5 minute calls after each session, if client should want to avail of thes. These sessions need to be consumed within 2 months. This package is 250USD (Paid in full via PayPal). For Philippine Based Clients, this is P7500 (20% PWD discount applies to card holders). 




Learn more about how to look for a life coach fit for you or your child on this link